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  • High filtration precision
  • Long-life, large-capture filter
  • Extended coolant life
  • Easy filter replacement (No need of tools)
  • Coolant quality preservation
    Captures fine and light chips to prevent center-through coolant from being clogged with chips and troubles, such as work seating error.
  • Environment preservation and running cost reduction
    Prevents in-tank chip deposition and coolant corrosion to extend the coolant life.
    The highly stretchy filter reduces clogging and captures a large amount of chips.
    Used filter can be reused by washing.
    The filter (filter cloth) can be replaced quickly (in about 3 min). Thanks to suction type, there is no possible accident of container burst.
  • Mobile
    The filter unit can be carried around on a cart to provide filtration to in-factory tanks one by one (fixed type is also available).
figure: QRF


Model QRF (Qyuro Filter)
Treatment chip materialAluminum, iron, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, others
Filtration precision Approx. 10µ
Treatment liquidWater-soluble coolant*1
Treatment ability 1-70L/min*2
  • *1) Oils of 10cSt or less can also be filtered.
  • *2) The treatment ability is dependent on the performance of the pump to be mounted. The filter capacity is limited to 70L.min.

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