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Clean monster

  • Simple, low-cost
  • Easy filter replacement (No need of tools)
  • Visualized chip trapped condition
  • Trapping of fine chips
  • Long-life filter
  • Processing capacity of severalfold as much as that of bag filter
  • Extended coolant life
Clean monster
  • Environment preservation, running cost reduction
    Prevents corrosion due to fine chip sediments within the tank to extend the coolant life.
    Filter cloths can be replaced quickly (in about 3 min), and can also be reused.
  • Improved quality and operation rate
    Ability to capture fine chips that have conventionally been evaded capture reduces troubles, such as tool break and work seating failure, due to clogging of center through coolant with chips, leading to substantial reduction in defectives.
  • Visual chip capture condition
    Filter clogging can be visually checked through the transparent case.
figure: Clean monster


Treatment chip materialAluminum, iron, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, others
Filtration precisionApprox. 10µm
Treatment liquid Water-soluble coolant*1
Treatment ability 15-30L/min*2
  • *1) Oil-based coolant of approx. 10cSt can also be filtered.
    Set the treatment flow rate to approx. 15L/min for operation.
  • *2) Treatment ability per filter
    15L/min (coolant only for fine chips) to 30L/min (water-soluble coolant)
  • Note: Use as the secondary filtration mechanism for the liquid passed through the primary filtration mechanism (drum filter, etc.).
        Do not apply pressure because the filter is of deadweight filtration type.

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