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JMM(Magnetic conveyor)

  • Use for magnetic materials only
  • Constant filtration ability
  • Improved maintenance efficiency
  • Energy saving, cost reduction
  • Transfer and filtration with chips adsorbed on the conveyor bottom
  • Use for magnetic materials only
  • No need of filter maintenance because the filter unit is made of a magnet
  • Unrestricted designing for various volume from small to large


Model JMM Filter
Treatment chip material Ferrous metals
Filtration precision100µm × 90% or more
Treatment abilityMax. 8,000L/min
Treatment liquid Water-soluble coolant (oil-based*1)
Chip shapeGranular, chipped, small and crimpy (Length: 100mm or less)*2
  • The specifications can be changed by arrangement.
  • The filtration precision is dependent on the filtration conditions.
  • *1)  If the treatment liquid is oil-based, contact us for consultation.
  • *2)  Chips that can be transferred by the scrape conveyor


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