About JPC

Company name
February 7, 1976
Yuichiro Suzuki
30 million yen
August, 2014   5,500 million yen
MUFJ Bank Limited,
The Bank of Nagoya, ltd
Coolant filtration system,
Chip processing system,
Centralize coolant system,
Conveyance system
Main customers
(in no particular order, honorific titles omitted)
Automotive manufactures
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Hokkaido, Inc.
Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
Toyota Industries Corporation
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Isuzu Motors Limited
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Latco Limited
Machine tools manufacturers
JTEKT Corporation
Komatsu NTC Ltd.
Howa Machinery, Ltd.
Enshu Limited
Toyo Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Yasunaga Corporation
Horkos Corp.
Toshiba Machine Co., Ltd.
Trading firms
Okaya & Co., Ltd.
Tokai Okaya Kizai Co., Ltd.
Azbil Trading Co., Ltd.
Nakamura Koki Co., Ltd.
Toyota Tsusho Corporation


Feb.1976Tokai JPC Sales Company was established with the capital of 5 milion yen.
Manufacture, Sale, and Maintenance all purification systems.
Business established with Toyota Machine Works. Ltd.
Business established with Toyota Industries Corp.
Mar.1979 Independent considering a repair section as Wago Seiki, design, manufacture, fix, and improve the various machine tools and circumference equipment.
Dec.1979Move head office to Midorigaoka.
Jul.1985The company name was changed to JPC CO.,LTD.
Feb.1986Business established with Denso on a washer and conveyance systems.
Mar.1988Direct account established with Toyota Motor Corp.
Apr.1988Increased the capital to 10 million yen.
May1990A full-scale sale of a conveyance system to Toyota Motor Corp.was begun.
Oct.1992Tomakomai office was opened.
Nov.1993Tokyo technical center was opened.
Mar.1994Hokuriku office was opened.
Jun.1997Miyazaki factory was compIeted.operation started.
Jun.1998A sale of special paint was begun.
Jun.1999J-Engineering was founded.
Dec.2003New sale a coolant filter system NKF.
New office building was completed and head office relocated.
Feb.2004J-Engineering was merged.
Apr.2004Affiliated company was founded in China. (Dalian JPC CO., LTD.)
Jan.2005Increased the capital to 30 million yen.
Sep.2005Floor area of the Miyazaki factory was increased.
Oct.2005Fukuoka office was opened.
Mar.2006OURA MFG CO.,LTD. is made a subsidiary company. (current AQUA·J)
Sep.2008 ISO 14001 Acquisition.
Dec.2010New sale a coolant equipment for grinding machines "RMT".
Feb.2011JPC CO., LTD. Winner of The "Toyota Technical Development Award".
Sep.2011Affiliated company was founded in Thailand. (T-JPC CO., LTD.)
Feb.2012JPC CO., LTD. Winner of The "Toyota Technical Development Award".
Jun.2013Dalian JPC CO., LTD. a new office building and plant completed. Operation started.
Oct.2013Solar power generation business start.
Jan.2015Affiliated company was founded in USA. (JPC AMERICA, INC.)
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